Bolsonaro has turned Brazil into a global pariah

To state that Covid-19 is out of control in Brazil due to the incompetence of Jair Bolsonaro is a mistake. It is the same as describing Bolsonaro’s government as misgovernment. Bolsonaro governs and the spread of Covid-19 is, to a large extent, under his control. If Brazil is in a period of chaos, it is chaos by design. It is necessary to understand the difference to have any chance of facing up to Bolsonaro’s policy of death. If history has ever provided a similar situation, I am unaware of it. We are being subjected to an experiment, like human guinea pigs. The premise of this investigation, being developed in Bolsonaro’s laboratory of perversion, is this: what happens when, in the grip of a pandemic, a population is left exposed to the virus while the highest authority in the country gives out false information and refuses to follow health guidelines or adopt measures that could help reduce the contagion’s spread.

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